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White Label Copywriting & SEO

An organic growth solution for website designers & marketing agencies

An organic growth solution for website designers & marketing agencies

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Growth Through Collaboration

Copywriting by Kat

Let's jump right in because I know you need an immediate solution.

You’re here because you're growing quickly. Maybe a bit faster than planned. Or maybe you're ready to grow.

Either way, your clients are looking for success through broader and more comprehensive paths. And you want to be there for them at every step.

Time is tight. There's the ongoing urgency of getting existing projects completed within promised timeframes. You can't delay those.

You also can't say "not now" to the new clients you want to serve - because it might mean saying "no" entirely.

And maybe the "not now" is less about time and more about copywriting or SEO not yet being in your bank of mastered skills.

So how do you honor your commitments, expand your offers, and grow your business when there's no free space in your calendar?

It's time for a white label partnership!

Let Me Help You Get It Done.

What is White Label Copywriting?

You're likely familiar with the concept even if the term is new to you:

"A white label is a product or service created by one company that another company rebrands to make it appear as if they had made it. It allows them to create specialist services without having to invest in developing their own product." - Wikipedia

Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are my specialities. When you hire me, the work resides within your brand and quality standards. And it belongs to your client.

Now that you know I've got your back, let's get to know each other.

I'm your behind-the-scenes SEO copywriter, Kat.

I’m all about collaboration, community, and organic growth. By working together, we’re nurturing growth for your client and for you, too.

I'll be your go-to writer when you're in a copy pinch, when you need expert Google strategy infused into your work, and when you're ready for a consistent sidekick for scale-worthy projects.

I'm here to provide professional writing solutions and SEO magic within your agency's appearance and processes. Because representing you matters for a seamless client experience.

No matter your need, here's what's behind the Copywriting by Kat White Label:

The expertise of a high-achieving, award-winning writer, marketer, and manager.

A foundation of 7+ years in copywriting, program sales, and marketing.

10+ years' experience writing stories, grants, and appeals for nonprofits.

2 certifications and ongoing education in SEO that make for Google-happy copy.

A connection-minded writing style honed through efficient processes.

How It All Works

The White Label Copywriting Process


We chat about your client's precise needs and pick a project. Pricing and turnaround depend on the complexity and amount of pre-work involved.


Once booked, we work through your preferences. Need a ghostwriter? I'm all yours. Want me to work directly with your client? Happy to do so!


I align with your agency's brand visuals, client touchpoints, and processes. Think questionnaires, CRM software, invoices, etc. I become an extension of you.


I review your recorded launch calls, notes, and creative briefs to draft the project. Or, I conduct the pre-writing process with the client on your behalf.


Two rounds of revisions over client calls and Google Docs tighten up the project. You engage in the review process as much or as little as you prefer. 


I provide you with a full copy doc, Loom walkthrough of the project, or both. You approve the final copy and submit it to your client. 


You breathe easy at the project's completion. After gaining customer feedback, we review how it all went and consider how to collaborate again!

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The Latest Glowing Review

"Kat is attentive and really listens to the needs of her partners. I'm looking forward to continuing working with her as I build my brand! "

— Paul,
Hudson Valley Leather & Brass

Possible Ideas For

White Label Copywriting Projects

Website Page Copy | $350+

Top-to-bottom web page copy and content - brand new or refreshed as needed. Written in your client's brand voice and optimizing keyword placement to improve Google reach.

Short SEO Blog Posts | $150+

SEO-ready blog posts of ~300-500 words for content creation aligned with your client's pillars. Properly researched keywords and formatted headers for SEO. Great for retainer services!

Long SEO Blog Posts | $300+

SEO-ready blog articles of ~1,000 words to highlight knowledge aligned with content pillars. Properly researched keywords and formatted headers to grow with Google.

Google & Social Ads | $100+

Keywords researched via multiple SEO tools and paired with effective hooks and copy to engage your client's audience through the algorithms. Gain visibility through a single ad or book a full social media campaign.

Email Marketing | $200+

Nurture email sequences to welcome new subscribers to email lists, sales campaign series to convert warm leads, and statements to convey critical messages. Book by email or bundles of daily, weekly, or monthly emails.

Landing & Sales Pages | $400+

Short or long-form pages dedicated to capturing leads and selling the the unique benefits of an offer. Designed with voice of customer research and conversion-focused structure to increase sales.

Monthly Content | $500+

Blog and social media post bundles or maybe a monthly newsletter researched and taken care of. A weight off your shoulders, right? Count on me to carry the message through the month. Book me again to keep momentum.

Another Needed Project | $$

I can white label or ghostwrite nearly any copy or content project. Need an infographic lead magnet, script for a video sales letter, or something else? Let's talk about what you and your client have in mind!

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Organically Grow With SEO

Starter SEO Service List


Keyword Research | $250

Start your client's SEO journey by understanding others in their niche and uncovering desired, rankable keywords.

Reconnaissance & Report:
  • Competition & Inspiration
  • Domain Authority & Backlinks
  • Organic Keywords & Traffic
  • 10-20 Targeted Keyword Suggestions
  • Keyword Volume & Difficulty


SEO Audit & Plan  | $1000

A perfect complement to Keyword Research, your client receives a complete audit of their SEO health and plan for improvement.

Evaluation & Recommendation:
  • Overall Website Experience
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Domain Authority & Backlinks
  • Organic Keywords & Traffic
  • Page Word Counts
  • Title Tags, Metas, & URLs
  • Image Titles & Alt Tags
  • H1-H3 Heading Structures
  • Google Business Profile Review
  • Social Media Bios Review
  • Content Pillar Plan
  • Video Walkthrough of Findings


Full SEO Package | $1,750

Paired with keyword-rich copy, this is where plans are put into action. We tackle on-page SEO and set your client up for growth.

Already Includes:
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Audit & Plan

  • New or Refreshed Copy up to 5 Pages
  • Copy Doc & SEO Blueprint
  • Optimized Titles, Headings, & URLs
  • Optimized Metas & Body Copy
  • Optimized Image Titles & Text
  • On-Brand 404 Page Copy
  • Extended Page Copy as Needed
  • 2-Week Post-Project Voxer Support
  • One-Month Post-Project Analysis

Advanced SEO Service List


Premium SEO Package | $2000

A holistic approach for your client's SEO beyond the on-page work of their website to help grow their traffic across platforms.

Already Includes:
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Audit & Plan
  • All Full SEO Package Deliverables

  • Google Business Profile Setup or Refresh
  • Social Media Profiles Setup or Refresh
  • Outreach for 2 Backlinks
  • 3-Week Post-Project Voxer Support
  • 4-Month Post-Project Analysis


Implementation | $100 Per Page

I do the work for your client directly within their website to ensure proper placement of keywords and site structures for Google.

Behind the Scenes:
  • Titles, Headings, & URLS
  • H1-H3 Structure
  • Body Copy, Metas, & Images
  • Optimized Image Sizes
  • Canvas & Element Naming & Structure

Monthly SEO REtainer | $$

Your client receives my ongoing support and dedication to their SEO growth through monthly writing, tweaks, and monitoring.

Custom Options:
  • SEO Blog Posts for Content Pillars
  • Back-End SEO Adjustments
  • Backlink Outreach
  • Google Business Profile Updates
  • Google Review Responses
  • Monthly Keyword & Ranking Reports
  • Ongoing Voxer Support

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Copywriting by Kat is for you if

You're an overbooked marketer needing SEO copywriting support to balance your workload.

You're a designer looking to complement your branding and website offers with copy and SEO.

You prefer collaborating on your own terms without the hassle of hiring and training an employee.

You want your client's project done efficiently and ASAP without sacrificing quality.

You embrace an abundance mindset, viewing partnerships as essential to growth.

Yes, LEt's Work Together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you collaborate with for white label projects?

I work with marketing agencies, brand strategists, website designers, and even other copywriters. I'm delighted to support small businesses and communities everywhere - through my agency or yours!

If we partnered for a white label project, would you be my employee?

I'd be an independent contractor supporting you as a non-employee. I'd appear as an extension of your business, working within your processes for a smooth client experience.

How does copywriting differ from white label content writing?

Copywriting is sales-driven while content writing builds loyalty through education and engagement. My writing can lean toward copy or content depending on need.

Can you help with white label content creation for SEO, too?

As part of my SEO or monthly content packages, I'll conduct keyword research and write blog posts to build content and authority for your client's website. I can offer this as a ghostwriting or guest blog service, depending on backlink needs.

How soon can you start a white label copywriting project?

I can start a project for you right away if I'm not already booked. Of course, we will chat through timelines and availability ahead of any commitment to your client.

How long does it take to complete a white label project?

My lead time for copywriting and content writing is typically 2-3 weeks. It depends on the project's complexity and whether client questionnaires, strategy calls, etc. have been completed ahead of time.

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I know that every dollar invested in your business is an important one. Hiring out has the highest return on investment for overall growth. You're making a fabulous choice!

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