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Copywriting Services for Small Business

As a service provider, of course your goal is to sell your business services.

But you also seek connection with your customers. It's what grows your bottom line and gives meaning to your work.

You want your sales strategy to come from an authentic place, to sound like you, address your ideal customer's needs, and seamlessly communicate your core message and value.

At Lehigh Valley Copywriter, I'll work with you to provide an integrated approach for your small business copywriting needs.

By combining brand messaging, clear copy, and SEO strategies, I'll help you create the genuine, hard-working connection you desire with your audience.

How You Can Work With Me

Signature Services

Comprehensive, customizable packages for a holistic copywriting and marketing strategy.

  • Brand Message Intensive
  • Website Copy & SEO Intensive
  • VIP Copy Week

A La Carte Projects

For standalone copywriting and marketing project needs. Read on for the full service listing for my current offerings. Have another idea? Tell me your thoughts and we'll figure it out!

Retainer Services

Regular and ongoing writing and SEO projects such as blog posts, social media captions, email newsletters, etc. Have another recurring writing need? Let's chat!

Writing Solutions For Greatest Impact

Signature Services

Start with a clear vision & word strategy

Brand Message Intensive

Get crystal clear with your message. A deep discussion and custom brand messaging guide will give you a precise understanding of your business purpose, unique selling position, target audience, story, and brand voice. Having this resource in hand gives you the confidence to share your refined message consistently and powerfully across your platforms.

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Get a website that sells your message

Website Copywriting & SEO Intensive

With every word built on a carefully crafted brand strategy, take your message to your website and let it shine 24/7. Have your words work hard for you to grow organic traffic. This is an all-inclusive package pairing copywriting and SEO strategies to target your keywords for your audience and Google. As an add-on service, I can also build and design your site for you within Squarespace or Showit.

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Send your message into the world ASAP

VIP Copy Week

Hand your writing project over to me and check it off your list. Need a small website made up in a flash? A month's worth of social media captions? Newsletter, sales page, email campaign? Check! Going VIP lets you double your week's impact. Get out and grow your in-person connections while I write for your online audience.

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What You Get
When You Work with Me


You get more than a written product with my copywriting, brand messaging, and SEO services. I thoroughly explore your offerings, audience, and competition to help you establish your authority in your market.


Beyond proofreading and editing, your project will be easy to read, attractively paired with photos, titles neat and catchy, and messages formatted for greatest impact. This helps define and emphasize your brand.


Because you have value to add through your business, I listen to your challenges, support your ideas, and suggest new ways to grow. I respond quickly, meet deadlines, and produce high-quality work. I'm here to serve!

Why You Should Definitely inquire About These

Small Business Copywriting Services

You Need to Be found to make an impression


Your website is your storefront. You need to make sure it's clear, enticing, logically structured, and visible to Google.

To help increase organic traffic to your website, I'll conduct an audit of up to 5 web pages to analyze and optimize content. This includes configuration of metas, alt tags, titles, and headings to maximize search engine readability for your desired keywords. I'll also refresh the copy and images, and create additional pages as needed to maximize your message's impact. 

I can also work on your SEO within Showit, Squarespace, Wix, and other platforms. I'm here to provide the fully-customized strategy your website needs.

Quality Content Builds
Loyalty & Authority

Blog Writing

Did you know that having a blog on your website will improve your SEO?

The more helpful, practical, relevant information you have on your page, the more valuable it is to your readers and the more likely they'll return to your site.

Google also favors websites with lots of quality content, creating a snowball effect: more relevant content -> more backlinks to your website -> greater authority and ranking -> more traffic and readers -> more clicks and sales.

Blogs are the way to grow and I can write yours for you. Let's chat about bundles.

Creating content takes more time than you have

Social Media

Who has time to keep up with content demands and algorithms? You're a business owner, not a content creator. You get the value of keeping your social profiles active but you have your real business to manage and customers to serve. 

I can help you maintain a regular social media presence by creating captions and long-form carousel posts as a bundled or retainer service. I'll also optimize your profile bios on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn so your followers know exactly what actions to take to buy your services.

You need both
creativity & Strategy

Email Marketing

Your marketing strategy relies on a targeted approach, well-crafted copy to hook your audience, and an email audience for warm leads. But maybe you feel you don't have the time, creativity, or know-how to do it yourself. You don't have to do it all.

I can help you connect with your subscribers through email welcome sequences, monthly newsletters, sales email campaigns, and the corresponding landing pages, sales pages, and social media copy during your launch!

Marketing that includes print
enjoys greater visibility

Print Marketing

Don't shy away from the power of print. In our overly-saturated digital world, studies show that an integrated marketing strategy pairing digital with print has better results than digital-only marketing.

Think about direct mail, appeal letters, sales letters, infographics, brochures, flyers, annual reports, and printed newspaper releases. Each enhances your brand visibility and trust by giving your audience tangible, in-hand resources to enjoy and consider your message.

Work with me for the expertly written, visually-appealing materials you need.

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Another Rave Review

"She really understood the vision I had for creating my Music Academy Week community college course. She wrote the course description and sales letters to promote the program among teachers, parents, and community leaders. It brought an idea to life.

— David Suarez,
Music Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a small business copywriter do?

A copywriter creates concise, compelling text for advertising and marketing. Copywriting is designed to attract sales or lead a reader to take a specific action. I specialize in doing this through earnest connection. “Copy” is the written product.

How is copywriting different from content writing?

While copywriting compels action, content writing creates engagement by informing or entertaining - such as a blog article or brochure. Businesses need both copy and content to build loyalty with their audience and create the trust that leads to action. As copywriter, my writing leans toward copy or content depending on your need.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization. It’s the practice of designing website and social media appearance, content, and structure to improve visibility through Google and other search engines.

How can your SEO service help my business?

By thoroughly researching your brand and coming up with strategic keywords, I’ll tailor your website to answer the questions asked most often by your audience. There are basic strategies that I can implement on both the front end and back end of your website to optimize function and pique the specific interests of your audience.

Can you manage my social media?

I have limited openings for this service. I am more readily available to write blocks of content through packages that you can add to your social media calendar. Please check with me for availability!

What kinds of clients do you work with?

I work with small businesses, service providers, and organizations that add value to their communities. I write for brands that have positive messages and a meaningful impact on their audience. I also freelance for marketing and advertising agencies that align with my core values.

How do you charge for projects?

I charge flat fees for individual projects, bundled packages, and retainer contracts. Because client projects vary in scope and complexity, they require custom proposals. I aim to be affordable and can work up several options to fit within your budget.

How long does it take to complete a project?

Each project is unique. My lead time is 2-6 weeks. My VIP Copy Week service has a one-week turnaround. Deadlines are established through contracts to ensure your timing needs are met.

How do you handle revisions?

Your feedback is critical for creating excellent material that reinforces your vision and brand voice. For every copywriting project, my process includes two rounds of complimentary revisions to ensure your satisfaction with the final product.

How can I reserve your services?

Go ahead and contact me via the contact page to start a conversation. If you'd like to move forward after our initial chat, a 50% non-refundable deposit holds your deadline and the planning time on my calendar. I’ll invoice the remaining 50% after your project’s completion. Feel welcome to ask me about payment plans. I can’t wait to hear more about your business!

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