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Small Business Copywriting & Marketing

Lehigh Valley Copywriter

Your work is needed and meaningful. It builds community and promotes economic development where you live, work, and play.

You and your service are the vision behind Lehigh Valley Copywriter. I write for small businesses, service providers, nonprofits, and creative entrepreneurs who lead with purpose and add daily value to people's lives.

I provide a holistic marketing approach of brand messaging, honest conversion copywriting, and SEO-friendly words to weave through your marketing platforms.

Because your purpose matters, your business deserves words that reach more of the right people, grow your connection with your community, and create more of the sales and impact you're positioning for.

About Me

I'm a small business copywriter and brand messaging strategist.

I'm also a parent to three precocious kids, a happy houseplant lady, and a recovering perfectionist when it comes to restoring my 1955 midcentury-traditional home.

My gratitude list is filled with greenery care, paint swatch debate, casual Star Trek banter with my husband, and joyful kid chaos.


Lehigh Valley Copywriter

Kat Jackson

This freelance writing service grew from a love of helping others and a professional lifetime of storytelling, pitching, and selling programs and services that enrich lives.

So why the name Lehigh Valley Copywriter? Because your community and what you choose to support can be anywhere - but it starts where you are.

I'm based locally in the Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton area of PA. It's a sweet little spot in the world that I love dearly for its charm, community, foliage, and summertime Musikfest. I also actively serve the Philadelphia, PA and New York City, NY regions where I've spent most of my life.

Whether you're local to the Lehigh Valley or serve your community in other parts of the world, I'll help you craft the words that create genuine connection with your audience - the words that work hard for your mission to serve the community you love.


With over a decade of experience in nonprofit and community development, I'm committed to promoting businesses that make a difference. I've written professionally for the Boys & Girls Club, United Way, the American Heart Association, and Trident Technical College.

I'm Lehigh Valley educated with my BA from Muhlenberg College and MA from Lehigh University through the Community Fellows program.

As a forever learner and continuing education fanatic, I'm also certified through the Duo Collective SEO Intensive and HubSpot Academy to provide you the best service in brand messaging, SEO copywriting, and digital and print marketing strategies.

Kind Words

"You can trust that Kat will be a great writer for your business because she listens to learn. She combines your ideas with her love for researching and putting words to the page. She's an accomplished writer and her community mindedness compels her to do her best work for you."

— Ellen Pearson,
Sowers of the kingdom

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